Electrolux EWF14023 10kg UltimateCare™ Washing Machine

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Take your clothing care to the next level with this washer that optimises the performance of your detergent for clothes that look new and vibrant for longer. It’s also gentle for handwash-only woollens.


Electrolux UltraMix™
Give your laundry a boost with our UltraMix™ Technology that keep clothes looking new and vibrant for longer. Using advanced technology, UltraMix™ premixes and fully dissolves detergent to deliver deeper clean and better colour care with 31% less colour fading after 52 washes.

Woolmark Certified
Taking care of your precious woollen garments is now easier than ever. Our Woolmark Certification means you can safely wash woollen garments without risk of shrinkage, even if the label says hand wash only.

Lily Drum & Leaf Lifter
The soft contoured Leaf Lifter ensures gentle tumbling while the special-shaped perforations on the Lily Drum increases surface contact with the laundry to enable a cleaner wash.

Vapour Care
Take care of your family’s well-being. Vapour Care soften fabric for better care while reducing allergens by up to 99.9% even in low temperature.

Vapour Refresh
Vapour Refresh quickly freshens and gently revives your garments without washing. This innovative programme removes creases, odours and reduces the need for ironing to give you better care for your clothes to keep them vibrant and stylish.

Add Clothes
Open the door to smarter washing. The Add Clothes feature gives you the flexibility to quickly add forgotten piece of laundry to an already running washer for 10-15 minutes after the cycle has started.

Time Manager
Designed to work around your busy life, Time Manager has up to 8 different selectable time options that let you adjust the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are.

Favourite Programme
Get laundry done faster. Favourite Programme lets you save and recall your favourite settings with just the touch of a button.

Quick 18
Achieve superior wash performance in less time. A quick and effective 18 minutes wash program suitable for everyday fabrics

Ecoinverter Techonlogy
Our new generation EcoInverter motor is quiet, durable and backed by a 10-year warranty (motor parts only), for peace of mind. You’ll enjoy seamless results with up to 75% reduced energy consumption compared to other washer models without EcoInverter.

XXL Door
An XXL door means fuss-free laundry and easier loading and unloading of clothes from the drum.

LightCraft – Internal Lighting
Simplify your laundry with a precisely placed light within the drum that turns on when the washer door is open. Loading and unloading is a lot more convenient and you can be sure there is no forgotten laundry in the washer after each wash.


Dimensions 600 x 669 x 850 mm









Standard Local Warranty Applies

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