Hitachi Refrigerator R-S42GS Made In Japan G Series 319L

SGD2,699.00 SGD2,099.00 Incl. GST

Triple Deodorisation Filter
Frost Recycling Cooling
Eco Intelligent Control
Smart Lifestyle Memory
Energy Saving Mode

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Energy Saving

A range of technologies such as Frost Recycling Cooling and Vacuum Insulation Panels, new technologies such as Multi-valve Control have been added to further ensure energy-saving performance.

Hitachi Original Flexible Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

Large Capacity and Energy Saving

Using the conventional insulation material of urethane foam together with highly efficient vacuum insulation panels enables both large capacity and energy-saving performance.

Outer Bag, Inner Bag, Glass Wool, Glass Fiber about 4µm

*The location, shape and number of vacuum insulation panels differs depending on the model.

Hitachi Original Frost Recycling Cooling Technology with Hybrid Defrost

Effective Use of Frost for Cooling

When the compressor isn’t operating, frost formed in the condenser when it was operating is used to cool the refrigerator and vegetable compartments. Frost results in energy consumption, but this is reduced by defrosting with heaters. Cooling with frost in the condenser is based on the same principle as cooling with ice.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Regular Cooling, Frost Recycling Cooling

Convenient Eco Intelligent Control

Cuts power consumption by about 10 – 12% compared to that during regular operation.
(Room temperature of 16°C32°C)*

Save Mode

1LED Lighting (Inside the Refrigerator)

Lighting dims when the door has been left open for 30 seconds, to prompt the user to quickly shut the door.

2Controlled Compressor Operation

Lowers the rotation speed of the compressor.

Temperature (in Each Compartment)

Slowly cools the compartment without affecting food preservation.

Door Alarm

The alarm sounds when door has been left open for 30 seconds. In normal mode, alarm only sounds when door has been open for 1 minute.

Indications for Smart Use

ecoOperation Sign

This lights up when operation is comparatively stable. It goes out when there is a heavy load on the refrigerator such as during rapid freezing.

*Tested by Hitachi.

Shelves and Pockets with Adjustable Height

1Pockets with Adjustable Height

2Tempered Glass Shelves

3Height Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves

The heights of 1st and 2nd shelves from the top can be adjusted to match your needs. Also large pots and tall bottles can be stored by changing the layout of height-adjustable shelves on the lower levels.

Pockets with Adjustable Height

Height can be adjusted to two levels depending on the size of the food items.

Freezer Compartment

Upper Freezer Compartment, Lower Freezer Compartment, 1st Level, Around 5cm Deep, 2nd Level, Around 8cm Deep, 3rd Level, Around 14cm Deep, Vertical Storage Space (Approx. 23.5cm High)

Large Storage Capacity

Large capacity ready to hold about 5 shopping baskets of food.

The measurements and rated capacities are based on the R-X730GS using a 22L capacity basket.

Dimensions 600 x 669 x 1798 mm



Stainless Champagne


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