Whirlpool FreshCare+ FWG71283W

SGD999.00 SGD799.00 Incl. GST

7kg Washer, 1200rpm, SENSE Inverter Motor

– 6TH SENSE Technology
– FreshCare+ with Steam (up to 6 hours)
– Colours 15°

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6TH SENSE Technology
– An Intelligent Wash for improved savings. Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Technology utilizes intelligent sensors to automatically control resource usage for maximum efficiency every wash. These sensors also actively adjust the optimal drum speed based on the laundry load to ensure gentle but thorough cleaning.

SENSE Inverter
– A long-lasting, extremely quiet and advanced electrical motor is installed at the heart of the machine to ensure long life to your washer. The SENSE Inverter motor is highly energy efficient with European of A+++ energy class.

FreshCare+ with Steam (up to 6 hours)
– FreshCare+ uses a series of precise and variable drum movements, alternating with steam jets at regular intervals to circulate the air in the drum, to create the perfect level of humidity to keep your garments fresh. It keeps the garments fresh once the cycle ends. FreshCare+ inhibits the proliferation of main odour sources even when the laundry is left inside the drum for several hours.

Colours 15°
– Ensure colour conservation and fabric protection with lower wash temperature at 15°C.

– The Clean+ option is a new technology that allows the machine’s cleaning power to be customized according to the soil level and consumer’s day-to-day laundry load. Thanks to the power of Clean+, it is now possible to use an in-wash additive to remove stains and get even better results. This technology acts on three different levels (Intensive, Daily, Fast), which sets the right washing action depending on the consumer’s cleaning needs. It always guarantees the desired result with minimum effort.

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 595 x 575 x 845 mm



Standard Local Warranty Applies ( 1yr Warranty)